Growers have started measuring more and more with the help of sensors, and when doing so, they prefer to see the data that this provides in one platform. Quantified Sensor Technology has therefore sought cooperation with commonly used visualization platforms. That way, the data measured with Quantified can be seamlessly integrated into an environment of the growers' choice.

The first link I realized was with Blockbax. This was followed by Polariks, Log&Solve,, and Thanks to the cooperation with these parties, clients can now visualize the wirelessly measured data in their favorite platform.

Leiden-based sensor company Quantified has a growing palette of sensors that can measure temperature, RH, PAR light, drain volume, weight, EC, and soil moisture, among others. Quantified's flagship product is the FireFly, a sensor with robust housing in a recognizable organic shape.

Sensors from other sensor developers can also be physically linked to the FireFly, such as Sendot's photosynthesis efficiency sensor. The modular FireFly concept is thus configurable to growers' requirements and easily expandable.

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