Aeroponically grown cannabis company Aeriz won a total of 13 awards at Arizona’s Fall 2023 Errl Cup, which took place October 7 and 8. The company brought home four 1st place, four 2nd place, and five 3rd place awards at the event, making Aeriz the most awarded cultivar at the event.

“The Errl Cup is a special event for us because it focuses on clean and consistent cannabis production, which is one of our top priorities,” said Ryan Thomas, Marketing Director at Aeriz. “We’re extremely proud to get so much recognition at this year’s awards and especially grateful for our incredible Arizona staff and consumers in the valley.”

Aeriz’s 2023 Fall Errl Cup Awards:

  • 1st place:
    RSO – MSG Dablicator
    Concentrate, Indica – Florida Oranges LR Sugar
    Concentrate, Sauce – Cake Breath Diamonds and Sauce
    Vape Pen, Live Resin Sativa – Jack Herer LF Sauce Cart
  • 2nd place:
    Concentrate, Non-Solvent Indica – Ice Cream Cake LHR
    Concentrate, Non-Solvent Sativa – Durban Poison LHR
    Vape Pen, Live Resin Hybrid – Crepes LF Sauce Cart
    Vape Pen, Non-Solvent – Ice Cream Cake

  • 3rd place:
    Flower, Sativa – Up North Durban Poison
    Flower, Indica – Florida Oranges
    Concentrate, Non-Solvent Hybrid – 8” Bagel LHR
    Vape Pen, Hybrid – Berriez Element
    Vape Pen, Live Resin Indica – Napalm OG LF Sauce Cart

Headquartered in Illinois with operations in Arizona and California, Aeriz is the largest cannabis grower in Illinois and the largest aeroponic cannabis grower in the world. The company is known for its closed-loop growing system, which minimizes waste and requires zero soil. Founded in 2015, Aeriz produces flower, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, gummies, full-spectrum hash oil (FSHO), FSHO cartridges, distillate cartridges, shatter, sugar, budder, diamonds & sauce, and rosin.

The Errl Cup was founded in 2015 with the goal of helping Arizona patients access clean and consistent medicine. The event has evolved into a patient appreciation festival that rewards clean, high-quality cannabis through a system of secret shopping, interviewing Arizona testing laboratories, and calculating results with a panel of judges.

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