It's been a long time coming, but on October 24, Galloway Township officials approved a Redevelopment Agreement with Michigan-based cannabis cultivator and manufacturer Grasshopper Farms.

This is the first-ever authorization of a cannabis business license in Galloway Township since New Jersey's landmark decision to permit recreational cannabis establishments within the state.

While outdoor cannabis growing and retail are prohibited in Galloway, indoor growing is allowed. Grasshopper Farms plans to set up their indoor operation on about 40 acres of farmland owned by longtime Galloway residents Duane K. and Pamela Demaree.
The approval of the agreement follows a series of deliberate considerations and meticulous evaluations by the seven-member, all-Republican Township Council.

"Several key milestones were achieved during this process, including the resolution of critical concerns and the definition of essential parameters for the cultivation of cannabis within the township," Grasshopper Farms said in a news release.