The City of Denver delivered quite a scare to cannabis users on Halloween, spider webs and all. According to an October 31 announcement by the Department of Public Health & Environment, health inspectors witnessed a gnarly spider mite infestation during a visit to Titan Health, a Denver cannabis cultivation. The health advisory was the department's first alert related to cannabis in over three years.

The DDPHE did not detail when the inspection took place, or when the flagged cannabis was harvested. Titan Health, which operates two Denver dispensaries by the name of Uherbs (also known as Universal Herbs), could not be reached for comment.

The safety advisory wasn't issued by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, which issues the recalls in Colorado, and the DDPHE doesn't have the authority to authorize a product disposal order in this case, according to the city's licensing department, because Titan Health was sold before DDPHE could receive court approval for an official recall.

"Due to a district court-ordered receivership, DDPHE lacks authority to order disposal of the affected product without permission from the court, and the business has indicated it has sold the affected cannabis before DDPHE could obtain such approval," according to the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses Department. "While some of the products sold by Titan Health, LLC d/b/a 'Uherbs' may not be affected by spider mites, DDPHE is unable to discern and advise on specific batches that are not affected."