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Maximum light and lifetime LED light fixtures with proper cleaning

After the rapid advance of LED, it is now high time for many installations to be cleaned. Lightshine Cleaning has launched the in-house developed Lightshine Cleaning Wipes for this purpose. This is a special cloth that growers can use to clean LED light fixtures themselves.

"It's great to see that both LED suppliers and growers have received our product so well," says Jeffrey van den Bogert. He is the owner of the Monster-based company that has long been visiting growers at home and abroad to machine wash HPS reflectors. "In doing so, for growers who also have LED light fixtures, we increasingly take the wipes with us these days," he says.

Dangers of dirt
The Lightshine Cleaning Wipes have been on the market for about three years now. Cleaning LED light fixtures is not as easy as with HPS. Jeffrey notices from growers to whom his company visits that there are many questions about cleaning LED light fixtures. "Suppliers point out that not cleaning properly can result in a light loss of up to 15%. Of course, growers want to avoid that."

At least as important is keeping a light fixture working properly. Dirt on the lens and lens plate can prevent that. "Dirt adsorbs light and then the light fixtures can get too hot," he says. The cooling fins of light fixtures also get dirty. "We see growers using our single-use cloth on these as well for this reason."

Lightshine Cleaning cleans the HPS reflectors mechanically, just as the company is known in the supermarket sector for cleaning shopping trolleys in a car wash. Couldn't the same be done with LED light fixtures? "We are working with suppliers to see if we can also machine wash LED light fixtures properly and safely."

It is not yet that far in practice and so growers are eagerly reaching for Lightshine Cleaning Wipes. "Nobody wants light loss and cleaning is also good for the lifespan," he says.

Cooling fins can also be cleaned with the Lightshine Cleaning Wipes

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