Some recipients of business grants funded with a portion of Springfield's share of sales taxes on adult-use cannabis are upset their businesses were mentioned in an independent audit critical of the new program.

Meanwhile, city officials are considering changes to the program in coming months to create a more consistent system for disbursing and monitoring grant funds to Black-owned businesses on the east side before a second round of grants is announced.

Teresa Haley, owner of the training and consulting company Haley & Associates, said the audit by the Sikich accounting firm was "totally incorrect" when it stated Haley's company was paid "far in excess of the amount of supporting invoices it submitted" for improvements to the building at 801 S. 11th St. where Haley's office is based.

She said she received $20,000 in cannabis grant money and $20,000 in tax-increment financing district funds after submitting "over $53,000 worth of receipts" to the city. Haley said she did not request to use any of the funds for "payroll expenses" even though the audit said she did. Payroll costs weren't eligible for reimbursement from the funds she received.