The horticultural sector is facing significant challenges, with rising energy costs due to geopolitical developments and increasing pressure to reduce the ecological footprint. In response to these challenges, Bosman Van Zaal has developed an innovative solution: the integration of a heat pump in an existing or second flue gas condenser circuit, An advanced technology that fully harnesses the heat in flue gases. This can be applied in situations where an existing boiler or CHP installation has been installed.

Horticultural businesses stand to gain various advantages by incorporating flue gas heat utilization. This includes a notable increase in energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, the reduced energy consumption contributes to a smaller ecological footprint and diminished CO2 emissions. The integration of this technology also offers precise control over the greenhouse environment, a crucial factor for maintaining crop quality. Moreover, investing in a second flue gas condenser can result in a swift return on investment, primarily driven by energy cost savings.

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