GeoShepard is now offering a new rate on commercial license agreements.

GeoShepard software for cultivators, manufacturers, and vertically integrated MSOs empowers businesses with greater efficiency across their operations and Metrc-compliant seed-to-sale inventory tracking that's certified in 23 states.

"We are essentially providing $1.5 million worth of software for $50,000," said Dennis Lineberry, Founder and CEO of GeoShepard. "It's an incredible value proposition, whether you're a cultivator trying to lower operating costs and improve margins or a software vendor looking for that competitive advantage."

The cloud-based automation is designed for direct integration with state-mandated Metrc programs. GeoShepard streamlines cannabis product data reporting throughout the supply chain: from seed or clone through digitally weighing harvests.

The competitive new commercial licensing offer gives vendors and standalone operators the opportunity to implement GeoShepard's automation software, complete with hardware fulfillment and hands-on customer service support.

The GeoShepard system—established in 2015 and continually refined by software engineers with Department of Defense backgrounds—collects data from proprietary wireless GeoScale™ hardware and uses API integrations to securely upload and transmit that information not only into a company's internal enterprise resource planning tools but also directly into Metrc.

"Our software has processed 80,000 harvests just in the last year," said Lineberry. "There are approximately 5 million plants tracking through GeoShepard at any given time. This software is as bulletproof as any software I've seen."

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