The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation revoked manufacturer Delta Extraction’s cannabis manufacturing license on November 16 for violations of division regulations and state law.

The Robertsville-based manufacturer’s license revocation will take effect December 2. This comes after Delta Extraction was found to have sourced cannabis product from out-of-state, failed to compliantly test product before it entered the market, failed to adhere to seed-to-sale tracking requirements, falsified seed-to-sale tracking information, packaged cannabis in a false or misleading manner, failed to maintain security of the facility and of its products and failed to inform DCR of changes to the use of facility, according to a news release from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.

“We must be clear on this: Businesses that choose to participate in Missouri’s cannabis industry do not get to decide which rules and which parts of Article XIV they want to follow,” said DCR Director Amy Moore in the news release.

This revocation process began in early August when DCR issued an immediate suspension to Delta Extraction for using cannabis products sourced from outside Missouri and for letting cannabis products enter the regulated market without being tested to DCR’s compliance standards. This was taken a step further on August 14 when a recall of products sold to dispensaries by Delta Extraction was issued. In September, DCR issued the manufacturer a notice of pending revocation.