From Booth #51005 at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, AROYA by Addium, introduced the latest additions to its portfolio: The CLIMATE ONE Climate Station and The TEROS ONE Substrate Sensors.

For operators, AROYA's new environmental and substrate sensors are a means through which to access real-time information and to adjust irrigation and climate conditions accordingly. This combination of flexibility and control lets growers control environmental factors to influence plant growth patterns and outcomes, leading to more effective and sustainable cultivation practices​​.

During his keynote presentation, AROYA CEO Scott Campbell lifted the veil on the latest additions to AROYA's cannabis cultivation and production platform, detailing how the products empower operators to optimize and extend crop steering functionality. Both the CLIMATE ONE and TEROS ONE represent a giant leap forward in cannabis crop steering, fusing sophisticated sensors and intuitive software.

Understanding the intricate balance between various environmental parameters and plant growth is vital for successful cannabis cultivation. The CLIMATE ONE provides operators with real-time data on key environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and light intensity. Hyper-precise readings allow growers to adjust conditions to the specific needs of their crops.

By optimizing the production environments, cultivators can enhance the quality, yield, and consistency of their harvests. Ready access to these insights is crucial for informed decision-making and for ensuring each plant achieves its full potential.

TEROS ONE's new design completely reimagines how substrate data is collected, giving cultivators precise readings in zones other sensors simply can't measure at all. Unique and patented measurement technology separates electrical conductivity and water content sensing, eliminating sensor confusion and producing precise data – even at high-salinity levels where other sensors fail. This opens a world of new data comparisons that have never been available before.

Many substrate sensors are developed only for soils, then adapted to work with indoor grow media. Conversely, the TEROS ONE is purpose-built for indoor substrates, giving growers the flexibility to easily switch media without needing to throw out their past data.

Cultivators can level up their respective grows with remarkably accurate and precise electrical conductivity (EC), water content (WC), volumetric water content (VWC), and temperature data collected from deep within the root zone. Also, as the TEROS ONE links to the AROYA NOSE to sync data to intelligence dashboards every 3 minutes, operators are assured of their data's integrity, timeliness, and accuracy.

"AROYA has set a new standard in precision agriculture for cannabis," says Scott Campbell, CEO of AROYA. "These devices are not just technological advancements; they're a game-changer for growers who are committed to sustainable and efficient cultivation practices. These announcements embody our commitment to empowering cultivators with the best sensors, software, and science – the requisite tools for success."

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