A significant percentage of medical cannabis products contain potentially harmful contaminants, according to an analysis performed by the state’s Office of Cannabis Policy.

State investigators collected and analyzed samples from 120 registered caregivers and dispensaries. Products analyzed included herbal cannabis and oil extracts.

Maine law does not mandate third-party lab testing for medical cannabis products. By contrast, products produced for the adult-use market are required to undergo testing prior to being sold by retailers.

Of the products tested, 42 percent contained contaminants, including yeast and mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. The presence of molds and other contaminants may pose increased risks to patients, particularly those who may be more susceptible to infection.

NORML has long opined in favor of third-party purity testing for cannabis products. It has also called for greater regulatory oversight for state-licensed testing laboratories.

Testing analyses of other unregulated cannabis products, such as those containing hemp-derived CBD and/or delta-8-THC, have similarly reported elevated percentages of heavy metals and other contaminants.

Full text of Maine’s Office of Cannabis policy report is available from the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy.

Source: norml.org