SchermNed developed an insect mesh filter system in-house several years ago. According to experts in screens from Naaldwijk, the system is globally applicable, and its recognition in the market is growing.

Growers use the system to keep unwanted insects out of the greenhouse in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. Simultaneously, growers keep the desired insects inside the greenhouse, maintaining an optimal climate.

The insect mesh filter system can be easily applied in both existing and new greenhouses worldwide. Even in frameless air windows, installing this mesh system poses no problem. Jack van der Voort emphasized this uniqueness earlier this fall.

Regarding installation, it can be done without modifications to the air mechanics, preserving the maximum window opening. Since SchermNed does not use movable components (such as cords, weights, and springs), the mesh is unlikely to get stuck, damage, wear, or cause problems or hazards with loose and falling parts. When the air windows open with the installed insect mesh, only the mesh around the push rods moves upward to the glass bars.

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