Frank van der Gelt has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Dalsem, effective from 1 December 2023. Frank will report to David Levin, the Executive Chair of COFRA’s Sustainable Food Group.

Frank assumes the CEO role after serving as Dalsem’s Commercial Director and he was previously a Senior Manager in COFRA’s strategy team. Melle Kruisdijk decided to step down as Dalsem CEO and will take on an advisory role in 2024, with regard to energy and power matters, for COFRA’s Sustainable Food Group.

David Levin, Executive Chair of COFRA’s Sustainable Food Group, commented: “Frank has made a big impact on Dalsem since being seconded from COFRA in July, so I am pleased to welcome him as CEO to further accelerate the transformation of Dalsem to make it fitter for sustainable growth. He remains focused on ensuring that Dalsem is best placed to build the next generation of greenhouses worldwide, building on its heritage of high-quality greenhouse development and construction. Thank you to Melle for his hard work and dedication whilst at Dalsem and we wish him all the best with his future endeavours.”

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