New York State’s rollout of legal cannabis sales and dispensaries has been slow and clunky, to put it kindly. It’s also left a lot of growers with piles of crops, but some places like the Town of Manlius are finding some small ways to help them.

According to Manlius Town Supervision John Deer, the “Just Breathe: Cannabis Grower’s Showcase,” is a solution to the slower rollout of retail licenses.

“This is an opportunity for growers and producers to get some of their product out to the public, working with a licensed retailer, and it’s providing a little extra flexibility. We know we’ve got people who are interested in opening their own dispensary in the town, so this is a really good opportunity for us to test this out.”

The Cannabis Grower’s Showcase is essentially a pop-up dispensary, located across from the Daily Diner in the Limestone Commons area on 185 West Seneca Street in Manlius. The space opened on Sunday, Dec. 17, and will be open until the end of the year, closing on Dec. 31.