Connecticut’s Office of Healthcare Advocate is looking for a cannabis ombudsperson to monitor the medical marijuana industry in the state. The job, offering a salary between $88,710 and $161,639 annually, was posted on December 23 — just before the six-month mark of Public Act No. 23-79, which the Connecticut General Assembly passed on June 26.

The law, “An Act Concerning Cannabis Regulation,” called for the creation of the ombudsperson office in section 49. “The appointed individual must be familiar with the palliative use of marijuana and the medical cannabis system,” the act states.

The job posting, accepting applications until January 23, also states that the appointed ombudsperson must represent the interests of patients and caregivers and monitor and analyze the state industry.

The ombudsperson will also be responsible for recommending any changes to the “development and implementation of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and other government policies and actions concerning the health, safety and welfare and rights of qualifying patients and caregivers.”