Two cannabis cultivators had their licenses revoked by the state’s Cannabis Control Division for exceeding the state’s plant count limits, not effectively using the track-and-trace system, and having unsafe conditions.

The revocation of the licenses of Bliss Farm and Native American Agricultural Development Co., which the state says are just miles from each other in Torrance County near Estancia, marks the fifth and sixth license revocations by the state. Both companies are also on the hook for $1 million each for the violations. Efforts Tuesday to reach representatives of the companies for comment were unsuccessful.

“The team worked diligently on both of these cases to determine the appropriate action for violations at a scale we hadn’t seen before,” CCD Director Todd Stevens said in a statement. “The outcomes were justified under the law based on the egregious conduct of these individuals, and I hope this serves as a reminder to those who might be violating the laws and rules the state has put forth.”

In July, Paradise Exotics Distro was the first to have its license revoked by the state for possessing and selling cannabis with California stampings, as well as discrepancies in its reported sales. C.M.F. Productions had its license revoked in August for sourcing cannabis from outside of the state.