Years of experience, trial and error, and knowing your limitations play a role in the real-world success of a cultivation facility, but AI is becoming a valuable tool in helping us make more informed decisions about cultivation and efficiency.

Can AI expedite your success? AI can help you make informed decisionsā€¦ but it can also lead you astray in certain areas. As cultivators around the globe grind daily to optimize facilities, fine-tune SOPs, and grow flower people really want to smokeā€¦ Chat GPT is happy to point you toward obsolete practices, outdated solutions, tired genetics, and some funny ways to measure success. However, with its flaws, AI can stimulate deeper conversations and help make more informed decisions. The challenge is to determine what is great and what is ridiculous when you ask Chat GPT for perspective. Master that, ask great questions, and always follow with context, and you can get the growbot to do some really good work.

Grow Glide thought it would be fun to ask the GrowBot/ChatGPT to design a cannabis cultivation facility.

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