After nearly three years, Arizona’s recreational and medical cannabis markets seem to have found an equilibrium, with adult-use cannabis consistently making up at least twice as many sales as the more heavily regulated medical industry.

October marked the third month in a row that recreational sales hovered around the $85 million mark, while medical cannabis sales dipped to $25.3 million. Throughout 2023, medical sales have remained about one-third adult-use recreational, which has led to the lowest medical use sales figure ever since competition with the recreational program began in January 2021.

The last time medical sales were above $30 million was in May 2023, and the medical market has not surpassed $40 million since June 2022. Medical sales have declined consistently since a peak of $73.4 million in April 2021.

The program continues to bleed participants as two-year medical cards expire and qualified users opt out of the $150 biannual certification fee and other costs associated with maintaining medical qualification.