Odor complaints relating to cannabis cultivation facilities, particularly in the Pine Point area, were discussed by the Scarborough Ordinance Committee on Jan. 10. Residents in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood have also complained about odor. With the expiration of a moratorium on new cultivator licenses for Pine Point expiring in February, the town is looking to find a resolution to the issue.

“Odor from cultivation has been an issue for neighbors in both the Pine Point and lower Pleasant Hills areas, areas that abut industrial zoning,” Ordinance Chair Jean-Marie Caterina said. “The state developed a bifurcated system when cannabis was legalized, leading to a confusing array of laws related to medical use versus recreational use of the plant. It is my plan to have the ordinance committee analyze all options with public input and come up with a solution that addresses the persistent odor issues.”

Requiring residents to prove odor incidents related to cultivation is burdensome, Councilor Don Hamill said.

The possibility of prolonging the moratorium to have more time to find a solution was brought up. “I think it is very possible we see the moratorium extended,” Council Chair Nick McGee said. “The turnaround time on analyzing the options, formulating an ordinance change and/or zoning changes will take some time procedurally if that is ultimately the direction the council decides to go.”

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