Tomatoes, apples, greenhouses, energy solutions, and approximately every 3 meters, some bottles of wine. This was the Sival 2024 in a couple of words. The trade show closed its doors last night. After 3 days of visits, conferences, competitions, and other events, it's now time for the traditional photo report for an overview of the products and solutions presented in the Angevin capital.

The Sival trade show aims to "promote solutions that respond to the need for more sustainable agriculture, in line with major environmental and social issues." This indeed means there are many horticultural suppliers present: both local dealers and entrepreneurs as international breeders and suppliers. Hot topics in the greenhouse industry are energy savings, resistant varieties, and labor-solving solutions.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll share more insight from the French market. Now, it's picture time!

Click here for the photo report.

The Sival returns on January 14, 2025!