New York's cannabis industry has had a tumultuous rollout, leaving many farmers and dispensary license holders feeling the pain. But state and local governments have stepped up enforcement efforts and resolved several lawsuits as they plan to move forward. Now, looking ahead, state lawmakers are eyeing ways to ensure the industry's future is not only possible but sustainable.

State Sen. Michelle Hinchey and Assembly Member Patricia Fahy re-introduced legislation this year that would regulate the emissions of indoor cannabis farming operations.

"As we are kicking off a new industry that we know is energy-intensive, we should at the beginning help guide objectives, help guide regulations, and help guide directives," said Hinchey, "so that way when new businesses are coming into this new industry they're doing it from the beginning in a way that is sustainable and works for the long term."

The bill would require applicants for cannabis grower licenses to submit a "Cannabis Grower Efficiency Plan." The plan would need to detail their expected uses of electricity, gas, water, and waste management. The bill is on its way to the state Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee.

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