The coastal city is set to open its doors to cannabis-related businesses as the city's moratorium on the drug comes to an end. The decision has generated excitement among residents, eager to explore the potential benefits for their town.

An item on the city's agenda reads Repeal of Cannabis Moratorium. Darlene Taylor, Crisfield's mayor, confirmed to WBOC the moratorium coming to an end is a done deal.

While a few individuals expressed hesitation about the repeal, preferring not to go on camera for any interviews, the majority of people we spoke with see it as an opportunity to bring much-needed jobs and revenue to the city.

David Smith enthusiastically states, "Oh, 100%," while Nancy Lemler believes it would be "great for Crisfield."

The economic landscape along Crisfield's Main Street currently features chained-up doors, boarded-up storefronts, and broken signs. Residents like Bernadette Kliever are optimistic about the prospect of new businesses revitalizing the area.