Ananda Developments Plc announced the appointment of Professor Cherry Wainwright and Dr. Katie Sloper, PhD as scientific advisers to assist the Company in developing its in-house capabilities and pipeline of clinical trials.

Professor Cherry Wainwright is a pharmacological research expert with over 42 years of experience and is the President-Elect of the British Pharmacological Society ('BPS'), a charity with a mission to promote and advance the whole spectrum of pharmacology (the scientific study of the effects of drugs and chemicals on living organisms). The BPS leads the way in the research and application of pharmacology around the world and has over 4,000 members from more than 60 countries worldwide. Cherry will advise the Company on its drug development activities, areas of potential unmet need that could benefit from Ananda's medicines, and clinical trial activities, including protocol development.

Dr. Katie Sloper, Ph.D., is a medical research expert with a particular focus on the therapeutic profile of cannabis-based medicines and innovative approaches to cancer treatment. Katie's work with Ananda will focus on developing the Company's scientific understanding of cannabidiol and its mechanisms of action, with a particular focus on chronic pain and inflammation. Katie will help the Company to continually refine its scientific approach and identify potential new areas for clinical investigation.

Ananda's Chairman, Charles Morgan, commented, "Having worked with Cherry and Katie for some time, I am delighted that they are joining Ananda as scientific advisers to support our objective of gaining approval for MRX's cannabis-based formulations to be used in the NHS. Strengthening our team with these highly regarded scientists will both enhance our
scientific capabilities and help us to target our research and development efforts even more effectively. It is also a huge opportunity for Ananda to explore new areas of potential unmet need where our cannabinoid medicines could benefit patients."

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