Glass Pharms announced the formal completion of their purpose-built medical cannabis cultivation facility in the West of England.

The state-of-the-art 2.4-hectare glasshouse and service building was constructed in partnership with KUBO Greenhouse Projects, Askam Civil Engineering, Total Clean Air Limited, and their subcontractors. The facility was completed last year, materially on schedule and on budget, and is now in commercial production, growing medical cannabis flower for manufacturing into cannabis-based medicines for supply to UK patients. The company completed 16 trial harvests in 2023.

The facility is powered in a closed loop system by an adjoining anaerobic digestion plant run on supermarket and household food waste that also provides heat and carbon dioxide. All of the water used for cultivation is collected from rainwater, which is treated and reused. The design of KUBO’s Ultra-Clima greenhouse also reduces the amount of power required for cultivation, resulting in a best-in-class sustainability profile for the facility and the cannabis flower it produces.

Glass Pharms anticipates that medicines derived from the cannabis flower being grown at the facility will enter the supply chain in this year’s first quarter and will be stamped with the “Made in Britain” quality mark, giving UK cannabis patients access to fully domestic supply chain.

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