Several cannabis companies have recently sent emails to their customers, telling them there has been a shortage of cannabis flower.

"We are currently facing a flower shortage in the state due to limited product availability from our suppliers," reads an email sent this month to customers of cannabis retailer Fine Fettle, which runs five cannabis retail outlets in Connecticut. "We are doing everything we can to get more flower products from them and stock our shelves, but we also know that this problem won't be solved overnight."

Fine Fettle is by no means alone. The Botanist, which runs three cannabis retail outlets in Connecticut, sent a similar email to its customers, saying: "We are writing to inform you about a current challenge that we are facing statewide — a product shortage that has impacted our inventory levels."

"The shortage is a result of a statewide issue affecting all dispensaries, and we want to clarify that each dispensary, including ours, is allocated the same amount of inventory," the email states.

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