Maridose, a leading Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Licensed Bulk Manufacturer of cannabis for research, announces the establishment of a Center of Excellence for Cannabis Research at Brunswick Landing, Maine. This expansion enhances the company's current location at Brunswick Landing, increasing research capabilities and cultivating high-quality, research-grade cannabis for DEA-approved studies, with the ultimate goal of commercializing prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, and dietary supplements.

Richard Shain, founder and visionary of Maridose, expressed his pride in the ongoing relationship and support from the State of Maine and MRRA, the operator of Brunswick Landing. Shain emphasized, "We are grateful for the continued collaboration with the State of Maine and MRRA, whose support has been instrumental in realizing our vision for advancing cannabis research."

Maridose recognizes the unique advantages of locating at TechPlace. Brunswick Landing's innovation center provides Maridose access to a collaborative environment fostering innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and a network of like-minded professionals. The synergy between Maridose's research endeavors and TechPlace's ecosystem positions the company at the forefront of cannabis research. The parties are convinced Maridose's expertise in developing cannabis-related pharmaceuticals and wellness products will also contribute to the growth of Maine's biotech community and the broader research industry.

Expansion funding for this transformative project is currently underway through a private placement managed by Young America Capital. This collaboration ensures that Maridose's vision for a Center of Excellence for Cannabis Research becomes a reality.

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