Stakeholders across New York's broken recreational cannabis industry have had it. Cannabis farmers, processors and retailers have advocated separately since recreational cannabis was legalized in 2021 — but have teamed up for the first time hoping to make progress to get New York's legal market off the ground.

They lobbied lawmakers in Albany hard this week, pushing them to take up a dozen proposals they say must be prioritized this session to help fix the state's delayed rollout of recreational cannabis.

They want $300 million in the next budget to help distressed farmers who trusted state leaders who promised farmers if they grew enough cannabis, the state would keep pace with opening dispensaries. Cannabis cultivators across the state say they need aid to stay afloat after many have closed or faced bankruptcy as hundreds of thousands of pounds of cannabis flower rot in storage without enough stores.

"We are asking for help," Cannabis Farmers Alliance President Jeanette Miller said. "The farmers have been in dire straits since we got here. ...We are asking for our government, our Legislature, our governor to make this right and to fulfill the promises made to cannabis farmers and to the other stakeholders in this industry who promises were made to as well."