A cannabis industry and patient group has resubmitted language to the attorney general for a ballot measure to expand access to medical cannabis in Arkansas. Attorney General Tim Griffin rejected the first version of the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2024 due to improper formatting and ambiguities about how the measure would affect existing state laws and rules.

On Monday, Arkansans for Patient Access submitted new versions of the proposed constitutional amendment, ballot title, and popular name, with mostly technical changes, but the new version would also preclude the state legislature from making changes to constitutional amendments.

“The resubmission is focused on responses to issues raised in the Attorney General’s rejection opinion,” said Bill Paschall, executive director of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association. “Legal counsel believes Arkansans for Patient Access’ latest submission should satisfy those issues.

“Additionally, the latest submission builds off Judge Chip Welch’s ruling that the General Assembly’s revisions to Amendment 98 were unlawful. The language in this proposed amendment broadens that to future initiated amendments, whether those are specific to medical cannabis or not. The added language protects the will of the people and maintains the integrity and intent of the proposed amendment. It also reinforces current law, which has been in place since Arkansas adopted the initiative process over a century ago.

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