During the IPM Essen show in Germany we spoke with Hans van de Pas of Bioline. He was happy to tell us about the launch of their new product, Bugline Duo: “Bugline Duo is the first release system on the market to introduce two species of predatory mite in a single application. The combination of two predatory mites in the same product thus provides protection against several types of pest in a single application for optimal efficacy of the crop protection program. This product requires fewer applications and less time to install while guaranteeing perfect dosing with no wastage and no need for specific training.”

The strip ensures a homogeneous distribution, even without expertise in installing beneficials. The spaces are identical between all sachets. Therefore there are no residues on the crops and no loss of product by slippage between the leaves. And at the end of the efficacy period it’s easy and quick to remove the strip.

Since the paper used in Bugline has a certain water resistance and the exit holes for the predatory mites are underneath, Bugline can be used with standard irrigation systems that water the plants from above.

For more information:
Hans van de Pas
Bioline Agrosciences
Tel.: + 31 6 8688 1129
Email: hvanpas@biolineagrosciences.com