“Most of our clients deal with the same issues: inconsistent test methods across testing laboratories, the cost of analysis being pretty high, and the turnaround time of getting your results back. Through our partnership with NeoSpectra, we’re able to give clients accurate and precise readings in the palm of their hands through AI and machine learning,” explains Zachery Meyer, CEO of Pactech, in a recent video where the company visits Claybourne CO’s facility. Pactech is an AI company that is developing solutions for the agricultural industry.

Cannabis tools
Zachery explains that the company has several tools for the cannabis industry. “We have our Cloud Lab, which is a set of calibrations that are developed for the NeoSpectra scanner.” The NeoSpectra scanner uses NIR technology to bring lab analysis to the growers themselves. “Our calibrations are developed using reference data and chemistry from 2RL so that customers can be assured of getting reliable and accurate results every time. On top of that, we have the Pactech Vision, which is our AI camera solution that resides autonomously in cannabis cultivation. The combination will allow for field data to be gathered and then be applied to the information that Vision is gathering at the same time, making it a complete solution.”

Fine-tuning yield and secondary metabolites
Brent Barnes, VP of Breeding and Cultivation at Claybourne CO, mentions that using the NeoSpectra has positively changed their day-to-day operations. “It makes it so easy to collect data that your decisions are now made immediately. No more collecting samples, sending them to a lab, and waiting a week for your results. That also means you have to wait a week before you can take action if needed. Now, we’ve increased the response time of both our plant population and our labor force. Making decisions has become easier and more quantifiable. Having the data at your fingertips allows you to fine-tune the growth and use the data to treat plants differently. These simple things help us to fine-tune our yield and secondary metabolites, which in turn helps our profitability.”

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