Rua Bioscience announced an agreement with Canada's Apollo Green. This agreement marks a significant milestone in Rua Bioscience's strategy for growth by introducing its East Coast Tairawhiti cannabis strains to the Canadian market, ultimately creating a new pathway for revenue.

Apollo Green will now include Rua Bioscience's distinctive strains in its genetic library, which includes over 1000 cultivars. This collaboration is a testament to the global demand for diverse and high-quality cannabis genetics.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Biortica Agrimed, Apollo Green, has existing sales channels into Europe, North America and Australasia. Apollo Green provides access to breeder's right protection through DNA fingerprinting of all genetics, access to cultivation capabilities worldwide, and licensing opportunities, delivering increased revenue opportunities to Rua Bioscience.

Biortica Agrimed focuses on B2B medicinal cannabis cultivation and is one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing producers of medicinal cannabis.

The collaboration with Apollo Green enables the cultivation of Rua Bioscience's East Coast Tairawhiti strains in Canada, broadening the horizons for both companies in the global cannabis market.

"We are excited about this partnership with Apollo Green and Biortica Agrimed, as it aligns perfectly with our vision to take our unique strains to the world," said Paul Naske, CEO of Rua Bioscience. "This is more than just an agreement; it's a bridge connecting New Zealand's exceptional cannabis genetics to the world."

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