In recent decades the variety of cannabis products and potency have both seen drastic increases, experts say. The Natural Center for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi’s School of Pharmacy has tested cannabis samples confiscated in federal raids throughout the past five decades. Its tests found that today’s cannabis flower is up to 57-67% more potent when compared to samples from the 70s.

Following legalization in Michigan, the cannabis industry is heavily regulated and producing even more powerful products for consumers.

According to Tyler Dutcher, owner of Vivid Farms grow facility, at 2273 Coolidge Road in Barryton, while some products have a much higher potency that some people prefer, there are lower dosage options that are available as well.

“If I were to recommend a product for beginners, I would have to point them towards low-dose edibles,” Dutcher said. “Infused products are always a good choice because you have more control over your dose. Flower is a good choice too. Start with a strain around 20% and use a small amount at a time to get your desired effect.”