Cannabis cultivators feel the market is currently oversaturated. "It is getting crowded in the grow community," said Tito Bern, cultivator and owner of the Bern Gallery in Burlington, "and it feels like it's time to cap those higher license tiers."

Owners of Bushy Beard Cultivation, Island Craft Cannabis, Doh Yey Smokieez, Pressure Lab Cultivation and Rootland Cannabis echoed the sentiment at the CCB meeting on Jan. 31. "We all keep hoping that it's going to get better," said Nick Smith, co-owner of the cultivation company Emerald Visions in Alburgh, "but I know we all thought that it was just like end of year, people didn't want to add any more to the inventory in December, but it keeps getting pushed on week after week."

Retailers are saying they're sitting on "way too much flower" and seeing a dozen cultivators come through through their doors daily trying to initiate sales, Smith said. "They're having to unfortunately turn them down and there's quite a few people in desperate situations," Smith said. "And I know I'm not the only person that really is feeling the pain right now."

If outdoor conditions had been better this year, Smith suggested there would be twice as much saturation and even more cultivators not renewing licenses.