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New lighting modules launched for indoor farmers

"We've witnessed a surge in interest in tunable spectrum products, with farm operators seeking to maximize the versatility of their facilities while minimizing energy usage. "The ingenious technology packed into Horti-Blaze and Odyssey Tunable ensures unparalleled spectrum control with important enhanced far-red capability," said Andrew Littler, CEO of Vertically Urban.

Vertically Urban is unveiling its latest horticultural lighting innovations: Horti-Blaze Tunable and Odyssey Tunable, designed specifically for vertical farms and greenhouses. Representing the culmination of vast research and development efforts at their UK-based factory, these products incorporate advanced technology that aims to change the way growers control light spectra, providing unparalleled customization tailored to each crop's needs.

Introducing Horti-Blaze and Odyssey tunable spectrum
Horti-Blaze Tunable, part of the Horti-Blaze family, is engineered for vertical farms and other space-constrained growing environments. With its wide beam angle and high-power output, this luminaire minimizes the number of fixtures required for optimum coverage. An innovative addressable 'data-over power' system allows for individual luminaire control via a single cable connection, simplifying installation compared to traditional systems.

Meanwhile, Odyssey Tunable combines advanced dynamic spectrum technology with the power of a 'high bay' top light, offering unmatched versatility in greenhouse environments of any size. With seamless adaptability and robust performance, Odyssey Tunable sets a new standard for greenhouse lighting solutions, empowering growers to achieve exceptional results with ease.

Enhanced lighting capabilities
Each luminaire features four independent channels of control, allowing growers to effortlessly manipulate the wavelengths and proportions of the output spectrum. Unlike traditional fixed spectrum lighting systems, tunable lighting allows growers to tailor the light spectrum to the specific needs of different plants. Furthermore, tunable lighting enables the implementation of sophisticated lighting schedules, adjusting the light spectrum and intensity throughout the day and the plant's life cycle.

The enhanced far-red capability of Vertically Urban's tunable spectrum luminaires allows full exploitation of the photosynthesis-boosting effects of those longer wavelengths while carefully controlling levels to avoid the adverse effects that over-exposure can bring.

Energy-saving technology
In addition to enhancing crop growth, tunable lighting offers significant energy-saving benefits. By dynamically adjusting the light spectrum based on energy prices, growers can capitalize on energy-efficient spectra during peak demand periods, thereby reducing operating costs without compromising crop quality or yield. This agile energy management not only improves profitability but also promotes sustainability by reducing overall energy consumption.

'A game-changer'
Vertically Urban's plant scientist, Dr. Phoebe Sutton, said, "Tunable lighting enables the implementation of sophisticated lighting schedules tailoring the light spectrum to the specific needs of the plant at different times."

She added, "The additional Far Red (FR) capabilities of the Tunable spectrum luminaires allow full exploitation of the Emerson effect to optimize plant growth and the ability to control the timing of flower and fruit production."

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