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A reliable method for great chiller performance

"By leveraging CHP Insight, we ensure peak performance, maximum runtime, and energy cost savings for our clients. The system's ability to provide predictive maintenance through advanced diagnostics further enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime," says Dalton Allaben of Tecogen, a clean energy company based in the US.

Tecogen's approach begins with its remote monitoring system, CHP Insight. Dalton underscores the added value of the company's real-time analytics software, which enables continuous data collection and analysis to optimize system performance for its users. Today, we'll be answering the following question: When making any investment in new technology for your facility, the most basic expectation is that it works. The question then becomes, how well does it last?

Available uptimes for CEA chillers that are opening 24/7

"The following steps have shown our customers a 99.8% uptime in indoor growing operations when 24/7 critical cooling is required to keep plants safe and healthy," Dalton highlights.

Tecogen's nationwide factory service support network allows customers to be able to call upon prompt responses to any site issues, ensuring that the systems are well taken care of. With over 3500 units under its service coverage, Dalton mentions that they "maintain locally stocked parts and provide comprehensive training to its technicians, facilitating quick and effective solutions for any unexpected repairs."

Tailored solutions
Tecogen's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to its flexible service programs, offering options tailored to specific requirements. Dalton elaborates on the 'bumper to bumper' coverage, which contains all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, (major) part replacements, and consumables at no additional cost. "For those who prefer more customized support, we offer a 'time and material' basis, ensuring timely assistance from our fully trained factory technicians," he adds.

Reflecting on Tecogen's enduring legacy in maintaining chillers and cogeneration units since the 1990s, Dalton stresses the customer-centric approach. "All maintenance is structured based on the system's actual running hours, prioritizing the interests of our clients," he affirms. With a commitment to delivering sustainable technology solutions, Tecogen is set to uphold its reputation as a trusted partner in critical system operations.

"As businesses strive for sustainable growth and operational excellence, partnering with companies like us has proven instrumental in achieving these goals."

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Dalton Allaben, Communications manager