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New company aims to reintroduce the best purebred medicinal cannabis strains

Flower Power Genetics unveiled its mission to reintroduce the world to the best purebred medicinal cannabis strains.

In recent years, the global market has witnessed the extinction of some of the most revered medicinal cannabis genetics, originally developed by the legendary Nevil Schoenmakers, widely known as the 'King of Cannabis,' during the 1980s.

For the past 30 years, the founder of Flower Power Genetics, James Krouse, has painstakingly researched, collected and preserved Nevil's original medical seeds, dating back to the golden age of cannabis in the late 1980s and 1990s. According to the company, these seeds serve as the cornerstone of Flower Power Genetics' commitment to delivering superior genetics with unparalleled medicinal benefits.

Unlike modern trends in cannabis breeding that prioritize increasing THC content – often at the expense of other cannabinoids – Flower Power Genetics focuses on preserving the authenticity and therapeutic value of original strains. Through extensive preservation of genetics, the company has curated a collection of original cannabis genetics and High Times Cannabis Cup-winning seeds from the competition's inaugural decade, along with premium landrace and F1 hybrid seeds.

"Comparing today's cannabis consumption to the difference between organic food and GMOs, it's evident that the plant is saturated with THC while other medicinal properties and cannabinoids have decreased," said James Krouse, founder of Flower Power Genetics. "Our mission at Flower Power Genetics is akin to returning to the roots of agriculture, striving to reintroduce the original, untainted essence of cannabis. We understand the urgency in restoring access to these exceptional genetics, particularly for medical cannabis patients who rely on high-quality products tailored to their specific health needs."

Krouse added, "As we reshape the landscape of medicinal cannabis and empower individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness through the power of premium genetics, our seeds offer cultivation companies the opportunity to achieve higher yields and command premium prices in the market. With wholesale prices double that of modern top-tier branded cannabis, we look forward to helping cultivators double their profits and penetrate new markets."

"For cultivation companies seeking to increase their annual gross profit, Flower Power Genetics offers a compelling value proposition. By partnering with Flower Power Genetics, cultivators can increase their annual gross profit by $2.5 million per every 10,000 square feet of flowering canopy space, with wholesale prices for Flower Power Genetics' cannabis flower at $4,000 per pound," Krouse says.

To validate the authenticity and scarcity of its genetics, Flower Power Genetics conducted third-party laboratory testing with Steep Hill. The results confirm the pedigree and ancestral lineage of Flower Power Genetics' seeds, reinforcing their value and uniqueness in the market. Furthermore, Flower Power Genetics recently conducted an in-house market research study, which yielded overwhelmingly positive results. Product quality surpassed expectations, and crop yields exceeded those of modern cannabis by more than double.

As part of its business model, Flower Power Genetics operates as a cannabis nursery, supplying legal cultivation companies with superior genetics, including seeds, clones, tissue culture, and cultivation consulting services. The company's strategic partnerships with cultivation companies are based on a royalty-based pricing model, ensuring mutual success and growth.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Flower Power Genetics is poised to expand its business model into California's cannabis market and beyond.

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