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Biortica Agrimed signs collaboration agreement with Treehouse Distribution

Biortica announced the first collaboration agreement by the company in the Australian market. This collaboration will see the scale, commercial capabilities and customer base of Biortica Agrimed team up with the next generation of talented cultivators, industry advisors and young leaders with the signing of a multi-focused collaboration agreement with Treehouse Distribution. This milestone builds on the work that Biortica has been doing in the industry for the past 12 months through Project Unity – a project designed to educate and facilitate understanding of all things cannabis in this emerging industry. Biortica's intent is to build upon the foundation created by Project Unity and elevate it to the next stage, in what is being called 'Project Collaboration' - Biortica's new industry engagement project.

Biortica Agrimed (parent company of Green Farmers, Cannapacific and Apollo Green) has always focused on collaboration, sharing of ideas and learning from all aspects of the industry, both in Australia and globally. This has been no more evident than through Project Unity, a Biortica led initiative to educate stakeholders and practitioners, share ideas with other cultivators, genetics businesses and service providers all while bringing together the Australian medicinal cannabis industry, both Australian and international, at events like MJBizCon and ICBC. The engagement, connections and shared learnings will now be brought into the business through joint initiatives with collaborators.

"Collaboration has been a very big part of the cannabis industry for many years and is something we see in almost any other highly successful industry. Now that we have a legal framework for Australian medicinal cannabis, we need to embrace that spirit rather than turn our back on it. While I am not naive enough to say we can work with everyone, you can't be all things to all people, we will continue to embrace the cannabis community and welcome them into our facility, our business and the industry. We have been doing this on our own initiative up until now, so Project Collaboration seems like a natural next step" said Tom Varga,
Biortica Agrimed Managing Director. "Biortica is a B2B focused business, so anything that can increase our access to genetics, cultivation expertise or understanding of the product and market, is always welcome. Now, to be able to formalise that with product off-take, with a commitment to bring some of the best-known genetics brands into the market, and to work with talented individuals in the industry, is just very exciting and will benefit our team, our customers and ultimately patients."

The agreement with Treehouse Distribution is multi-focused and will see:

- shared learnings and experience around cultivation practices aimed at maximising yield and product quality;
- access to genetics partnerships that will expand the Apollo Green library as well as introduce some of the world's most recognised breeds into Australia;
- an off-take agreement between Green Farmers and Treehouse Distribution that will give volume to Biortica and direct input into cultivation practices for that volume by the Treehouse team; and
- partnering of knowledge and experience in GMP, ODC compliance, facility design, cultivation
practices, operational excellence and genetics that will be available to all Biortica partners.

The collaboration might be viewed by some as a coming together of two very different industry paradigms, but that actually is the very point - it is the common ground that anchors the relationship. "In Biortica and the team at Green Farmers we have always found a group of commercial leaders that are prepared to listen, learn and challenge ideas in an egoless manner and that is all based on mutual respect," said Jonathan Jones of Treehouse. "There is a lot of experience that our team bring to the table but there is also a lot of experience that the Biortica team have both here and through Apollo Green and the near 1,000 genetics in their library. When everyone comes with an open mind, then we can all achieve some great things. This is a real opportunity for us, and we are excited that someone is backing our team and being there to support us in the market."

"Treehouse is already a collaboration of experience within the industry that did not exist before," said Tim Oates, formerly of Delta Tetra and now a Treehouse founder. "The experience from years of Delta Tetra gave us a unique insight into compliance, GMO, facility design and operations which we can now bring to this relationship as Biortica brings on 16,000 square metres of capacity in glasshouse 2 and the CannaPacific site in northern NSW. This will generate 20,000+ kilograms of dried cannabis flower for the Australian market and Treehouse will be an important part of this."

The collaboration being announced is expected to commence with cultivation knowledge exchange, followed by cultivation activities in the very near future which will bring one of the Apollo Green's new genetics into the market.

"We are excited because it brings the next generation of the cannabis industry leaders into the Biortica ecosystem. This will make our business better, but it also ensures that the older heads can support, mentor and develop this generation into the future. Some of the Treehouse team have been very outspoken and now they get to put their experience behind all that talk. I am confident that together we will deliver some amazing things. Biortica has already made a big impact on the Australian market, and this is just a further extension of our commitment to high quality Australian grown medicinal cannabis."

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