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GrowDirector launches new features to conquer summer challenges

"Our hydroponic plants are growing better, healthier and faster"

For commercial hydroponic growers, summer's heat isn't just a concern – it's a battle-fought season after season. Soaring temperatures can lead to root rot from increased water temperature, ultimately stunting growth and harming your entire crop. "Since implementing GrowDirector, we've experienced a positive transformation in our summer cucumber harvests," says Eduard Covarsky from the farm Harvest Cucumbers, located in the Mediterranean region. "Previously, we grew our cucumbers in soil only during the summer months. This year, we experimented with a full hydroponic cycle for part of our plants. The results have been very good – our hydroponic plants are growing better, healthier and faster. GrowDirector has truly changed the way we approach summer cultivation."

The application facilitates remote monitoring and management of greenhouse conditions, and CEO Dima Chernobilsky says it brings a suite of new features to conquer summer challenges. These new features will be shown at Cultivate 2024.

One of the features he points out is Heat Stress Recovery. "Traditional summer heat can lead to sluggish plant growth and even widespread root disease due to increased water temperature leading to reduced oxygen in the water. Our system has been rigorously tested and proven to maintain optimal conditions." He adds weather prediction and alerts enable growers to respond in time to changing conditions. "Summer weather can be unpredictable, leading to potential yield reduction or even to crop losses. GrowDirector's integrated weather prediction and alert AI system, powered by a leading European weather satellite company, provides you with real-time forecasts and a 4-day outlook. This allows you to proactively adjust your system and safeguard your valuable crops from any unexpected weather event."

According to Dima, GrowDirector takes an important step towards true AI integration with their AI-powered Disease Alert System. "By leveraging a comprehensive and ever-expanding data library, we've developed a unique disease alert system. This system analyzes climate data from your greenhouse and weather satellite forecast alongside known disease formation protocols, providing timely alerts to help you prevent and manage plant health issues effectively."

Then there's the nutrient management made easy. "Summer's rapid plant growth often requires more nutrients, while warmer water can lead to faster depletion. GrowDirector helps you stay in control." Functions include intelligent nutrient monitoring, which automatically adjusts to ensure your plants have the perfect balance of nutrients for optimal health, and flexible feeding options. "Growers can choose between a more frequent feeding schedule or controlled-release nutrients for consistent supply, now with our AI feature taking care of all data analysis.

GrowDirector invites you to witness these innovative features firsthand at Cultivate'24 premier horticulture trade show. Visit them at booth 342, taking place July 13-16, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio.

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