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“Cleanliness is one of the most important things in cannabis operations”

A tour of a Las Vegas based cannabis indoor facility

Harvest is just finished at the Las Vegas facility of 1933 Industries, and that means it’s time for a thorough cleaning of the grow rooms. But also during the growing season the company keeps a clear eye out on the internal organization. CEO Chris Rebentisch explains how, growing in the desert, they have to keep their focus on the water use and, growing in an urban environment, odor complains are not an option. “You cannot leave anything to chance.”

Main hub
As soon as you arrive outside the facility by 1933 Industries based in Las Vegas, you would not say that in there they grow cannabis. The only thing that gives it away is the very strict security measures deployed all around it. The company has operations also in Colorado and California, but this one, located in Nevada, represents their main hub.

The company's booth at MJBizCon, showcasing their new products

As soon as you step into the facility, the first thing that catches the eye is the extreme cleanliness of the environments: two large white corridors run in opposite directions, showing the way to veg rooms, flowering rooms, and also tissue culture rooms. Before you get into those chambers, the ‘beating heart’ of the facility shows itself: a room that manages the water utilized for irrigating the plant. “Water is a very precious resource,” says Chris Rebentisch, 1933 Industries CEO. “Especially here in Las Vegas, as we are literally in the middle of the desert. Generally speaking, it is of the utmost importance to provide plants with good water mixed with the right nutrients, in perfect quantities. In this room, we purify the water, and mix it with the ‘ingredients’ that cannabis plants require to grow strong and healthy. We also calibrate its distribution, so that each single plant receives the same amount of water.”

This aspect is crucial to maintain such an impressive facility. “You cannot leave anything to chance,” says Chris. “If you want to be successful and run an operation like this, an extremely careful planning is required: efficiency always comes first.”

Finished harvesting
In this period, the company has just finished doing the harvesting, and has put the flowers to dry in environmentally controlled drying rooms. “This is an aspect not to underestimate,” he points out. “Drying rooms are set up before the harvest actually commences. In this way, by the time we transport our flowers there, everything is ready to ensure a perfect drying process that can promote the genetic potential of flowers.”

But before getting to the harvesting and the drying, there is the whole growing that comes into play. “We have 3 veg rooms and 15 bloom rooms,” he explains. “At the same time, we also have new grow rooms that we are setting up. However, we do not only do the growing, but we also carry out a lot of R&D.”

Partnering up with DNA Genetics
Indeed, 1933 Industries has partnered up with DNA Genetics, and is now conducting some trials with them. “Before we start growing a specific variety, we do extensive research on it, to see how it reacts and what the most important variables to take into consideration are. Every plant is indeed tagged in order to monitor the whole process. This way, we can constantly check what is going on with them.”

Chris takes care to point out that he identifies himself as a craft cannabis producer because of the extreme care he puts into each and every plant. “For instance, we use no chemical crop protection at all, and we fully rely on organic products such as beneficial insects. At the same time, we carry out trimming by hand, and put a lot of care into the curing process, to get the most out of each flower.”

The company is now carefully cleaning all the rooms. “I cannot stress it enough,” says Chris. “Cleanliness is one of the most important things in cannabis operations. Since we have just finished the harvest, our team is busy cleaning all the environments in order to set them up for the next growing cycle. This is crucial, as any mistakes during this process could result in pest outbreaks later on. That is why I want this to be done as thoroughly as possible.”

Chris Rebentisch, 1933 Industries CEO

For more information:
1933 Industries
105, 45655 Tamihi Way
Chilliwack, B.C.,
Canada V2R 2M3
604 674 4756