Wild Creek Farms: greenhouse organic cannabis cultivation in California

“A high-tech greenhouse gives us the exact situation of an indoor grow, but with the most beautiful light in the world"

When a product is labelled as organic, it is usually perceived as having more value than a non-organic one. Some people take advantage of this by putting the word organic on everything, as if that would magically make a thing better. Generally speaking, when a product is organic, it means that it has been made by using only natural products, not harmful to humans as well; and on top of that, organic also implies respect for the planet in the making of said products.

Wild Creek Farms is a cannabis operation based in California that actually grows organic cannabis. “There are different aspects that qualify an agricultural product as organic,” Jacob Penzer with Wild Creek Farms explains. “We grow in living organic soil, and use no chemical product whatsoever. We feed plants with completely natural stuff, to the point that this would be safe for human consumption as well. On top of that, instead of growing totally indoors, we use light deprivation greenhouses to keep the electricity consumption low, and harness the greatest source of light we have on earth: the sun.”

Organic standards
However, in the US, there is no such thing as certified organic cannabis, given the federally illegal status of the plant. “At the same time, there are different organizations that certify agricultural practices as organic,” Daniel Javidzad with Wild Creek Farms explains. “We want to maintain the highest standard, and this is something that's challenging to achieve.”

In order to achieve such goals, Jacob and Daniel have been constantly experimenting and looking for advanced ways to push the bar as high as possible. “For instance, our IPM regimen is a whole process that has been developed over years,” Daniel says. “It has been developed as a mixture of technology, sprays with citruses and stuff like that, and predator species. On the other hand, what really makes IPM effective is to keep a good ecosystem within the greenhouse.”

Stability of the growing environment
Daniel and Jacob further explain that stability is the most crucial aspect of managing such a greenhouse. “We look at each and every single plant on a daily basis,” they say. “Our IPM has been designed together with the designing of the facility. That’s how an integrated approach works. We have seen that we don’t have any pathogens in our greenhouse. Yet, we still treat for them.”

Even though California might have quite challenging weather conditions for greenhouses, Wild Creek Farms has found the perfect balance to thrive. “I love indoor cannabis,” Daniel says. “Indoor allows you to easily control the growing environment. However, sun is what produces the best terpenes and cannabinoids. The only issue is to perfectly control the environment, in a greenhouse. FullBloom Greenhouses helped us a lot to come up with the right plan to control our greenhouse.”

“A high-tech greenhouse gives us the exact situation of an indoor grow, but we are using the most beautiful light in the world, which is the sun,” Jacob points out. “When that is not available, we use HPS, CMH and LED lights. We constantly experiment with new ways to push our standards even higher. FullBloom Greenhouses has been instrumental to this: when we have an idea, we call FullBloom, and thanks to their knowledge and network, they help us to know if someone has tried it before and if it works.”

Towards a new phase
The cannabis industry is steadily going towards a new phase, where consumers will be more product-savvy, thus paying more attention to the cannabis they choose. “The more knowledge the consumer has, the more they are going to gear towards people growing honest cannabis, in a natural and organic way like us,” Daniel remarks. “We see that the industry is going towards federal legalization here in the US,” Jacob says. “We are looking forward to bringing what we do here into the rest of the country, and potentially, even further than that.”

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