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Growing cannabis in the right container

When it comes to pots or containers for commercial cannabis, plants want one thing only: a safe, healthy place for root development. Without healthy roots, the cannabis plant will never thrive and reach its potential both in terms of bud weight and, importantly, cannabinoid content and terpene profile. Roots perform many key tasks including water absorption, nutrient uptake through passive and active processes, and anchoring the plant facilitating above-ground growth. All these fundamental functions must be considered when choosing a container.

The most important thing to consider when choosing containers for your cannabis plant is their size and drainage. Cannabis has an extensive root network that needs ample room to really flourish. If cannabis plants are grown in a container that is too small and has poor drainage, it can cause the plant to become root-bound, leading to the crop not fulfilling its yield potential.

Containers for growing cannabis come in a wide variety of sizes. Picking the “right” pots for cannabis plants contributes to the level of control that the grower has on the growth cycle of the plant. Plastic pots are the ideal candidate for container growing being lightweight and reusable between crops after sterilization of the surfaces. The size of the pot is one factor in how large the cannabis plant may grow.

Air-filled porosity (AFP) is a measure that can be used to compare growing substrates’ ability to hold moisture. Of relevance to pots is that the taller the pot, the greater will be the AFP, regardless of the substrate the roots are growing in. The higher the pot, the drier the root environment will be. The majority of cannabis strains prefer a drier root zone, so shallow pots should be avoided, regardless of substrate they will tend to be wetter.

In combination with AFP, a good cannabis pot should have excellent drainage properties. The goal is to thoroughly moisten the substrate and then allow the excess moisture to freely drain from the pot. Drainage in a pot is key to the growth of the plant as the excess water exiting the pot creates suction, pulling oxygen into the root zone. Proper drainage is required to maintain an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the roots and keep the rootzone aerobic, allowing beneficial bacteria and fungi to thrive.

The ideal pots have holes strategically placed at the base and sides of the container to allow the substrate to drain and allow oxygen uptake and absorption. Growers must always look for better tools to make their processes more efficient and effective. Plantlogic’s smartly designed pots have many features that encourage the healthy growth of the plant without any active effort by the grower who can then concentrate on manipulating the plant to maximize production objectives.

Consideration must also be made for drainage and standing water’s effect on the humidity within the growing environment (greenhouse or warehouse). High humidity can lead to mold growth within the flowers, which cannot be treated with traditional solutions. Fungicides cannot be applied to buds and flowers. The best solution is to feed the plants as much needed, yet keep the growing environment dry to discourage mold growth. Plantlogic has developed drainage collection pots that allow for cost-effective removal of drainage water from the growing environment by guiding the water into a narrow gutter.

Doug Brothers, Flora California, using Plantlogic's 8L square pot: “Plantlogic pots are designed for cannabis growers for many reasons, they have many sizes to choose from allowing each grower to have the right size pot for their grow, excellent drainage is designed in each pot so you won't have to worry about overwatering your plants. An added bonus is the great customer service that Mike Schmidt and team provide as well as the different options to choose from like, plenty of pot size and options available from, built-in gutter systems, custom designs, great quality and pricing that´s hard to beat!”.

Aldo Juarez, Monterey Valley Pride Consultant, using the10L DC pot and gutter: “Plantlogic pots have been a great pot for growing plants. There are many pros to the pots like increased drainage to help with root pruning. In addition, the pots are very sturdy and are designed to last. I really like that the roots are high off of the ground due to the pots having legs on them. This helps plants dry more evenly and quicker letting you maximize irrigation inputs and therefore increasing yields. Lastly, the cost-effective option of adding a gutter is really the icing on the cake since It helps remove water leaching into the ground and later coming back up and increasing humidity in the greenhouse”.

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