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Ventilation unit at plant height in each greenhouse column for more homogenous climate

The greenhouse climate is controlled via the climate computer by means of a limited number of measuring boxes. Dutch company Caeli is therefore now launching a new greenhouse climate solution on the market which, according to the developers, does have insight into much more climate differences in the greenhouse. "The computer has no insight into the climate differences within the greenhouse. Our patented solution does offer this insight and anticipates on it by minimising the climate differences fully autonomously." 

Balanced greenhouse climate
"Of course we do not have to tell the grower that small climate differences have major consequences for cultivation. After all, every horticulturist knows that a balanced greenhouse climate is essential and results in uniform cultivation," the developers of Caeli say.

Their solution includes integrating a small and individually adjustable Caeli™ ventilation unit at plant height in each greenhouse column.

"Next Generation Growing has taught us that air from above the screen can be used to improve the greenhouse climate below the screen. Caeli™ offers you an intelligent solution to move air from above the screen to crop level without making any modifications to the standard screen system. We use ventilators integrated in the greenhouse structure for this, which extract and disperse air. This makes it possible to dehumidify your greenhouse effectively without light interception," they say. 

And there's more. The ventilation units can be controlled individually and are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Each ventilation unit can use data from these sensors for localised climate control. Based on an intelligent algorithm, the fan moves the air within the greenhouse full autonomously.

"This system makes it possible to homogenise and effectively dehumidify the greenhouse climate," the developers say, showing how sensors make it possible to notice climate variations immediately. "Smart positioning of individually controllable ventilators enables air to be extracted via the greenhouse structure and dispersed near the crops, maintaining a homogeneous climate in the greenhouse." 

"Caeli™ offers a complex monitoring and control network, unique in modern greenhouse horticulture! And it’s effective, as it gives you more control over your production and harvesting forecasts," the Caeli team concludes. 

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