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US (MA): 87,000 sq. ft. indoor cultivation to install integrated sustainable system

Adaptiiv Grow Technologies is going to work on an 87,000 square foot cultivation facility in Massachusetts.

"Our team has worked tirelessly over the past two years to continually test and refine our technology to not only deliver unparalleled results but to also be the most efficient and sustainable way to cultivate cannabis commercially," said Brian Hajdarovic, chief operating officer at Adaptiiv. "We have the unique benefit of having our own beta facility - we are constantly running our equipment under real-world conditions and ensuring that our products are ready to meet the demands and expectations of the modern-day cultivator and facility operator."
Adaptiiv has been selected to provide its entire suite of products and integrated system for the new 87,000 sq. ft. facility in Mass.

An owner's representative for the new facility shared why Adaptiiv was selected for this competitive project: "I've been a systems guy for a long time, and Adaptiiv has thoroughly impressed me with its product suite. The mechanical dehumidification equipment is ideal for cannabis cultivation and uses far less energy than any of the competition. The controls are first class, and the lights are the icing on the cake. Adaptiiv has a robust, reliable, and sustainable system working in harmony."

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
"Investing in the Adaptiiv system gives our clients two significant advantages: significant reduction in OpEx ranging between 40-60% depending on the baseline comparable and, as markets mature and cannabis becomes commoditized, the cost per/lb. decreases dramatically," added Hajdarovic.

Adaptiiv's chilled water system leverages its patented line of equipment to create the most efficient dedicated commercial system for indoor cultivation on the market.

"We have worked with a multitude of utility companies around the country – each one has independently verified the efficiencies of the system – with our largest captured incentive to date being 51% of the total CapEx," said Ken Bouquillon, head of cultivation at Adaptiiv. "Our integrated system allows our clients to maximize revenues through consistent product yield and quality while doing so at a much lower operating cost. We also bring all the critical aspects of a commercial job to the table to streamline and simplify what is traditionally a complicated process."

From a cultivation perspective, Adaptiiv provides purpose-built equipment designed specifically for commercial applications resulting in lower labor requirements through automation (SAAM), reducing the risk of crop loss through an integrated system with best-in-class environmental controls (at scale), and power and flexibility to drive best-in-class yield and quality (LEDs & HVACD).

Manage Large Scale Cultivation Systems with Single Control Platform
System Automation & Management (SAAM) is an industrial IoT control platform and a full facility management system integrating environmental controls, building management systems, and seed-to-sale. SAAM allows owners and operators to consolidate an entire cultivation facility under a single control platform.

"SAAM is designed to automatically target vapor pressure deficit (VPD) through Adaptiiv's proprietary sequence of operations, PID Loops, and cannabis-driven algorithms. As the grow environment changes throughout the grow cycle, SAAM "speaks" to the equipment systems with specific operating instructions to hold VPD, RH, and temp set-points (automatically, in real-time)," they explain. 

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