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Nick Abbingh,

"Our drying installations are up to 10 times more space efficient than hang-drying"

Of all the processes involved in cannabis cultivation, drying is not only one of the most overlooked and underestimated ones, but it is also one that requires to be studied further the most. That is exactly why (a subsidiary of a Dutch agricultural drying company, founded in 1974)  has been carrying out many tests and trials to see which drying technique is the most efficient in given conditions. “We have been carrying out many trials to see the difference not only between different drying methods but also the difference between our proprietary drying methods and more ‘traditional’ ones.”

A new drying test 
The latest trial that has been doing is with their stainless steel unit, which is suitable for GMP facilities. “This is great to compare the top-down drying method with others,” Nick Abbingh with explains.

"The unit can be purchased for €1.980,- and can dry up to 8kg of dried cannabis on 0.5M2. The unit can be placed in your existing drying room, next to your common drying method, in this manner both drying methods can be properly compared, as temperature and humidity is the same for both methods, only the airflow differs."

The studies that can be conducted with this unit are similar to earlier studies that has conducted. “Our unit was put into the LP’s normal drying room,” Nick says. “It was placed next to the grower’s standard drying method, making it easy to compare the two drying methods as they both got the same air conditions’.(

The best drying method? 
The unit’s drying trays are made of antistatic ABS thermoplastic; on top of that, the unit has HEPA filters that guarantee that the air getting in is as clean as possible. “The concept behind our drying unit is grounded on researches showing that our method, compared to hang drying, is superior in several ways,” Nick continues. “Trials have shown that our unit leaves no wet spots on cannabis, preventing the formation of any mold and bacteria, because our systems offer precise controls over temperature, humidity and airflow. In this way, a grower could adjust the drying process according to the best parameters for given genetics. The largest benefit of our drying installations is that they are up to 10 times more space-efficient than hang-drying”.

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