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Arnau Juscafresa, Master Products:

“Automation not only reduces labor and operating costs, it also improves product quality”

"We offer complete solutions to automate 100% of the cannabis production process. This allows producers to achieve greater profitability, by reducing labor and operating costs. Moreover, it improves the quality of the final product," says Arnau Juscafresa, CEO of Master Products. The Spanish company has automated solutions for each stage of the post-harvest process, from the pre-trimming of cannabis to the milling process. "Our solutions are EU GMP compliant and easily adaptable. By automating the process, product contamination is considerably reduced, while quality control is increased. So the overall process is faster and more efficient, and the final processing result is optimized."

According to Arnau, the cannabis market is experiencing a need for automation. "The cannabis market is becoming more professional. Demand requires new industrial models that facilitate and automate the production process. This new way of working industrially provides faster time to market, better staff retention, and a solid foundation for business growth," states Arnau.

The Master Products team at this year's Spannabis

Automated trimming

An example of this automation is the new cannabis trimmer that the company launched last year, designed to produce large quantities of product while being EU GMP compliant: the MT Tumbler 800 MED. "It is designed with the innovative cutting system C-Tech technology, a concept that gives an ultra-precise cut of the flower, with minimum percentage of product damage. Thanks to its versatility, it allows changing from wet to dry trimming when desired by just changing the barrel. It is also fully stainless steel made, the most suitable material when processing the flowers for medical use."

"One of the most common challenges we have noticed all medical producers want to solve, apart from the mandatory requirement of being EU GMP compliant, is to treat large amounts of batches maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency. The MT Tumbler 800 MED is designed to do so," Arnau says. "It is engineered to join two machines in series and get an automated production line by just adding input and output conveyor belts. With a swap kit of critical parts - those that tend to get dirtiest because of the direct contact with the product and its resin, such as blades, tumbler, and brush - operators can easily change any desired spare part in less than a minute. Then, we can join other machines to complete the next stages of the production chain, like the sorting or milling processes."

Conveyor belts
Using input and output conveyor belts can increase production by up to 30%, Arnau adds. He explains that the conveyor belts are designed to optimize the output and automate the equipment performance, making the trimming process more profitable. "By adjusting the speed regulator, you will maintain a constant and adequate product feeding according to the needs of each flower."

"The output conveyor belts allow for convenient quality control, as the flowers leave the machine automatically and are transported through the conveyor belts to the end of the machine," Arnau explains. "The speed regulator allows the operator to identify damaged or unpeeled flowers."

On top of that, the company offers lift conveyors. "This is a lifting conveyor belt that allows you to constantly feed different machines, such as the MS Sorter 500 MED flower sorter or the MM Mill 500 MED shredder. You will be able to transport cannabis flowers from one machine to another in your production line in a fully automated way, adapting the speed according to your product or production needs."

Helping producers
Master Products continues to service the cannabis post-harvest industry both in the European continent and abroad. "Our aim, as an engineering and manufacturing company, is to produce premium solutions to satisfy our current and potential customers. As for us, they are the essence of our business and our highest priority. That is the reason why we challenge ourselves to innovate and implement new results to improve and professionalize the global cannabis industry, offering quality and service above all. We care about cannabis, and we care about trichomes," says Arnau.

Therefore, the company has been keeping busy. It was present last week at the Spannabis Barcelona trade fair, where they presented new solutions and innovations in both professional and medicinal lines. "We are investing substantially in consolidating our brand identity. Currently, we market and sell our products in more than 40 countries around the world," Arnau adds.

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