People in the cannabis industry are used to the craziest stories, but there is one that is still rather fresh in this sector. 

It all started when Australian grower Creso Pharma appointed Hon. Dr. Brian Walker as consultant and chair to their newly established Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Brian Walker is a politician and medical cannabis practitioner, and he was elected in 2021 to the Western Australian Legislative Council as a Legalise Cannabis WA member. 

Because of his position, there was a little noise about conflicts of interest. Creso Pharma and Dr. Walker reacted quickly, parting ways and canceling the 200,000 options which were issued to Walker. 

The company issued a statement, which reads: "Whilst Creso and Dr. Walker do not consider there to be any conflicts that can not be appropriately managed, both parties recognize the public perception of a potential conflict of interest with his role as a Legalise Cannabis WA member of the Western Australian Legislative Council for the East Metropolitan Region." 

The appointment was publicly shared on November 4th. The resignation came only five days later, on November 9th. Thus, the story of the shortest appointment in the cannabis industry ends.