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Rex Oneal, CEO of Enrichment Systmes

"Nanobubbles produce accelerated growth and healthier root zone"

“The patent-pending ES P-150 system was designed by cannabis cultivators specifically for cannabis cultivators,” says Rex Oneal, CEO of Enrichment Systems, a Boulder, Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of industrial-scale nanobubble dissolved oxygen generators. Enrichment Systems recently released its ES P-150 portable Dissolved Oxygen System. 

“At 2,500 times smaller than a single grain of salt, it may be hard to believe that nanobubbles have any significant effect on your cannabis plants. However, the ES P-150 system produces accelerated growth, healthier root zone, and boosted plant health. The ES P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System is the lowest-priced and most effective dissolved oxygen solution available in the cannabis market. It is capable of increasing dissolved oxygen levels 500-600%.”

Understanding Dissolved Oxygen
Most water sources typically have 0-7 ppm of dissolved oxygen, while cannabis thrives at 20-25ppm of dissolved oxygen at the irrigation emitter. “Because irrigation water can travel through hundreds of feet of irrigation line, including passing through pumps and fertilizer injectors, it is most beneficial to achieve close to 40+ppm dissolved oxygen at the reservoir to reach 20ppm dissolved oxygen at the plant,” he points out. “Enrichment Systems P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System can achieve 35+ppm at the reservoir and 20-25 ppm at the plant.”

Why nanobubbles?
'Nanobubbles', more frequently referred to as 'ultra-fine bubbles' in scientific literature, are gas bubbles no larger than .1 micron. Nanobubbles display very unusual properties in that they are not physically buoyant and therefore remain in suspension for long periods, up to weeks in some instances. Airstones and bubblers do very little to increase dissolved oxygen levels. “Enrichment Systems now makes it easy for all cultivators to integrate this simple, intuitive equipment, unleashing the massive potential of tiny bubbles for every grow,” Rex concludes.

For more information:
Enrichment Systems
3100 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 120
Boulder, CO 80303