In 2014 a group of civil rights attorneys known for fighting for justice on behalf of the wrongly accused and convicted decided to form a new venture: a cannabis growing and dispensing company. Based on the ideals of “cannabis made good, that does good, to make you feel good,” the new company was aptly named Justice Cannabis. Today the company operates two (and counting) cultivation/processing facilities and more than 10 retail locations in nine states.

“We strive to help out those who are struggling to live and get out of the rut of the criminal justice system,” says Stuart Johnson, national director of security for Justice Cannabis.  “As a former law enforcement officer, I wholeheartedly applaud this mission.” Johnson was hired in June of 2021 to run the security operations for the fast-growing cannabis portion of the business.

Justice Cannabis currently employs approximately 300 people, but Johnson says the company will likely double within the coming year. “We cover all facets of the cannabis industry,” he says. “We have cultivation, manufacturing and labs, as well as retail. We grow our own products and distribute them as well.”

To help Justice Cannabis get the most effective security solution, Rodhouse and Johnson selected cameras from Hanwha Techwin and began installing them at existing and new facilities. Johnson had most recently worked for two high-profile companies that both use Hanwha cameras and was impressed with his experience with them. He felt they would be a good choice at Justice as well, given the unique security issues presented by the cannabis space.

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