Environmental factors and crop management practices are
directly related to the yield of phytocannabinoid compounds. Knowing how these factors influence the production of phytocannabinoids is essential to promote greater metabolite yield and stability. In this review, the researchers aim to examine current cannabis agronomic research topics to identify the available information and the main gaps that need to be filled in future research.

This paper introduces the importance of Cannabis sativa L., approaching state-of-the-art research and evaluating the influence of crop management and environment conditions on yield and phytocannabinoid production, including pruning; light and plant density; ontogeny; temperature, altitude, and CO2 concentration; fertilization and substrate; and water availability, and presents concluding remarks to shed light on future directions.

Trancoso, Ingrid & Souza, Guilherme & Santos, Paulo & Santos, Késia & Miranda, Rosana & Machado, Amanda & santos, Dennys & García-Tejero, I.F. & Campostrini, E.. (2022). Cannabis sativa L.: Crop Management and Abiotic Factors That Affect Phytocannabinoid Production. Agronomy. 12. 1492. 10.3390/agronomy12071492.  

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