Rubicon Organics Inc. announced that Jesse McConnell, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") of Rubicon Organics, has provided his notice of resignation as CEO of the company. Mr. McConnell is currently on parental leave, and his resignation is anticipated to become effective on December 31, 2022.

The Board of Directors of the company will immediately begin a search for a successor who can lead the company in driving forward its vision to be "the global brand leader in premium organic cannabis."

Mr. McConnell co-founded Rubicon Organics in June of 2015 with Peter Doig with a vision to provide leadership in organic cultivation of premium cannabis. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become the industry leader in super-premium organic cannabis products with a robust portfolio of premium cannabis brands, quality, and yields.

"Rubicon Organics has delivered on being the #1 premium cannabis brand in Canada with Simply BareTM Organic and has now reached profitability," said Jesse McConnell. "My job as co-Founder and CEO has been to get the business to a place where there is a highly talented team in place, a super-premium quality product, and a financially stable and profitable business. I'm incredibly proud that the company is at this stage. I have loved my journey as Rubicon's CEO, and I look forward to finding the right individual to lead us to even greater heights."

Following Mr. McConnell's departure, Rubicon Organics' executive team will work closely with the Board of Directors to continue to drive the company forward and ensure business continuity during the search for a permanent replacement. Margaret Brodie, Chief Financial Officer, who is also a member of Rubicon Organics' Board, will serve as the liaison between the company's leadership and the Board during this time of transition.

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